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We grow premium hemp flower on our farm. Small batch process, slow cure, and deliver it directly to you. Our CBD rich hemp flower is grown with organic practices, is legal, and federally compliant.

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       OUR CUSTOMERS         

Patrick P. Jan 21, 2021

Was very shocked about the price and thought it was either too good to be true or horrible hemp/CBD. I was wrong. Best site ever. So glad I purchased the full pound. So glad I can get quality CBD with paying an arm and a leg.

Dane G. Aug 20, 2020

"... the CBG and Elektra at this point but I can tell you that everything looks/smells amazing and effects are as expected. Each item that i purchased was on the heavy side so that was nice. The smalls and tiny flower are WELL above expectation, especially compared to other vendors.

Jen H. Dec 12, 2020

 This has to be some of the best hemp I’ve ever tried. The effects were really strong for me, and the taste was good too!

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