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About Us

We are not just farmers. We are family, hard workers, dedicated people to any job in front of us. We started this business because honestly we wanted hemp flower that was as beautiful as we could imagine it and as clean as we needed it. We also wanted to build something that allowed us to keep our family together, give us the income we needed, and provide an invaluable product to others. We invite you to get to know us and our product, we can guarantee it will be a great experience. Thank you for being a part of our epic journey.

Don't worry, be hemppy!

Lab Tests


Our hemp flower is always third-party tested by an accredited laboratory. The lab we use specializes in detecting pesticides used in agriculture crops. Each order we sell is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis that lists decarboxylated values of cannabinoids, CBD percentage, THC content of less than 0.3%, moisture content, pesticide and mold analysis. Terpene reports are available upon request.

Growing Practices

Less is More

Our plants are grown using beyond organic and sustainable farming practices. We do not want to grow a product that could potentially be harmful to us or the environment. All nutrients, supplements and soil amendments are organic. We do not use chemical herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We work to keep a balance with the natural environment by growing in small plots with open spaces between them as to not disrupt wildlife. We also use as minimal resources to grow as possible such as water and plastic products.We reuse  resources whenever possible.

Premium Quality

Top Priority

Quality is critical to us. Everyday we check each of our plants to give them proper care. By doing this we can address issues fast. Our rule is if we wouldn't feed it to ourselves, we sure are not letting anyone else have it.

Our boutique hemp flower is small batch harvested, slow dried and cured, then hand trimmed. This full process helps to preserve the full spectrum of benefits found within the flower; creating a premium hemp flower with a wonderfully tasting, great smelling, and smooth experience for you. 

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