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2020 leftovers 1 OZ only:

🔹️Bubba Truckstop Small Size very clean.

🔹️Hawaiian Haze- Smalls/Tinys

🔹️Lifter- Tiny

🔹️Bubba Kush Mixed size very clean. Light nose. Has frost bite on flower. Good for making your own oil/tincture/salve.

🔹️Otto II NOW is 202O flower(video shown on main images)SMALLS, Sweet, earthy nose. Great for oil, smoke, and tea

All flower 13% to 17% see COA, always below 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Outdoor grown, organic practices, small batch dried, hand selected, slow cured.

The Good, The Bad, and The Uglies

  • This product is sold as is. We encourage you to read information provided about the product and ask any questions you may have prior to purchasing. Our goal is to have very satisfied customers so please do provide us with feedback on the product and experience. We continually look to incorporate best practices and appreciate your business. 

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