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First we took our incredible Bubba Truck Stop and bathed in with distillate from Cloud 8 (the delta 8 cloud that is). Then we sprinkle it with the magic of CBG kief for an incredible combination. Our customers report effects are fantastic, smooth, and tasty!


Our flower is outdoor and sun loved, organic practices, hand selected buds, premium quality.


  • Seedless
  • Hand selected buds
  • Premium Quality
  • 20% CBG, 0% Delta 9 THC

Bubba Truck Stop | Trimmed | Infused Δ 8

  • Genetics:

    Delta 8 Distillate: No solvent residues

    Grown by: DGR Hemp!

    As with all of our products quality and safety is critical. Every batch is tested by the Department of Agriculture or one of their ORELAP (Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program) accredited laboratories prior to sale.


    Our customers use it for:

    Vape, smoke, extractions, and cooking

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